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Dear visitor, we are glad to greet you at «Oval Plastic» LLC web-site. The company is engaged in production of disposable plastic terms and other products as PE bags, plastic bottles, crates, cans, jars, reusable containers intended for microwave ovens also etc. These products are widely used in food production, medicine as well as in household use. The company has also flexographic, tampo and dry offset printing.

Scientific, theoretical and practical potential has been gained on the base of developing technologies and adoption of new products manufacturing, which makes possible sharp breakthrough in the technological process of manufacturing of products made of thermoplastic materials with the help of vacuum forming technique.

Plastic (plastic mass) or plastics are organic materials on the base of synthetic or natural high molecular compounds. The plastic materials can be formed under heating and pressure and keep that shape after cooling and hardening. The forming process is attended by transition from plastic deforming (viscous-flow) to vitreous condition. Progress of plastic began with natural plastic materials usage, then continued with usage of chemically modified materials and come to completely synthetic molecules at last.

Plastic products are developed especially for practical and inexpensive substitution of glass, porcelain and metallic goods. They are light in weight, have extremely low electric and thermal conduction, are not sensible to moisture and physiologically innocuous. Welcome to the plastic world……